NFL Week 14 Preview & Predictions: Darkhorse for MVP is….

NFL Week 14

NFL Week 14 is here. Like always, the year has flown by, but still several intriguing matchups this week. We breakdown every matchup this week and give our predictions as to what you can expect to see.

NFL Week 14 Slate:

Texans (-2) at Bears

Pick: Texans-2

I have watched these two teams more than I would like to admit. The Texans have Deshaun Watson and that’s about it. This is a game the Texans win big just to rub it in the face of the Bears and their fans that they passed on Watson for Trubisky.


Titans (-7.5) at Jaguars

Pick: Jaguars+7.5

The Jaguars play teams close. They aren’t good, but neither are the Titans. I am not sold on them, and the Jaguars can easily backdoor cover this game at home.


Broncos at Panthers (-3)

Pick: Broncos+3

Both of these teams are bad. If McCaffrey was back, I’d be all over the Panthers but it appears he will miss the game. I’ll pick the Broncos in a game I hope I don’t see a minute of.


Cowboys (-3.5) at Bengals

Pick: Cowboys-3.5

Eww. As if the games couldn’t get worst after the previous one, the NFL hits us with this game. The Bengals can’t score. Give me the Cowboys. Moving on to other games in the NFL Week 14.


Chiefs (-7) at Dolphins

Pick: Chiefs-7

The Dolphins will try their best to keep the ball out of Mahomes’ hands but it won’t be enough. This Chiefs defense is enough to stop the Dolphins from moving the ball easily downfield. Chiefs win by 10+.


Cardinals (-2.5) at Giants

Pick: Cardinals-2.5

Both teams heading in opposite directions so the logical bet would be on the Giants. We do the opposite. Take the Cardinals in a bounce back performance on the road.


Vikings at Buccaneers (-6.5)

Pick: Vikings +6.5

The Vikings are better than this 6.5 spread suggests. I say they lose by a field goal but they cover the spread. The Vikings will struggle to run the ball but they have been playing better of late and are fighting for a playoff spot. They will play hard.


Colts (-3) at Raiders

Pick: Raiders+3

The spread doesn’t make much sense here. The Raiders just barely beat the Jets…..the winless Jets. This game makes me think Vegas knows something that I don’t. Raiders are at home… Give me the Raiders. I’ll put on the clown nose Sunday night when they get blown out.


Jets at Seahawks (-13.5)

Pick: Jets+13.5

Sure, the Jets are bad but the Seahawks are 3-4 in their last 7 games. They aren’t playing well. I say the Jets keep this within two touchdowns, or they backdoor it at the end of the game. The Seahawks defense isn’t good enough to prevent the Jets from scoring in garbage time.


Packers (-8) at Lions

Pick: Packers-8

Aaron Rodgers always abuses the bad teams, and would you look at that, the Lions are a bad team. The Packers demolish these Lions and Davante Adams adds another two touchdowns to his league lead.


Falcons (-2) at Chargers

Pick: Live Bet whoever is trailing entering the 4th Quarter

Talk about a game. These are the two teams that are notorious for losing heartbreakers. The smart bet is to leveret whoever is trailing. That team will end up winning. Guaranteeeeeeeeeed.


Saints (-7) at Eagles

Pick: Eagles+7

Taysom Hill on the road against Jalen Hurts in his first start. I’ll take the Eagles in a close one. The Eagles know their season is on the line here and they will play tough for their rookie QB.NFL Week 14



Washington Football Team at 49ers (-3.5)

Pick: WFT +3.5

A team coming off beating the only unbeaten team and they are an underdog??? Alex Smith in a revenge game. Give me the WFT. Let’s do this.


Steelers at Bills (-2)

Pick: Bills-2

Josh Allen is my Darkhorse for MVP. He’s been awesome this year and he will continue to be awesome when he sends the Steelers to two consecutive L’s. The Steelers are a fraud and Josh Allen is legit. Let’s ride.


Ravens (-2) at Browns

Pick: Browns+2

In our minds, the Browns should not be 9-3 and that’s why we think the Ravens win this game. I say no. The Browns are playing great, and they have something to prove. Lamar Jackson can play well against the Cowboys, but what about against an improving Browns defense. Give me the Browns in a game people don’t expect them to win.


That’s it for the NFL Week 14 slate. Good luck if you are betting on any of the games. I am giving out straight winners. Peace!

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