NFL Top 10 Plays Of The Year | 2020 NFL Season

NFL Top 10

NFL Top 10 Plays Of The Year | NFL 2020 Season Highlights

Check out the video above for all 10 plays in one!


Here’s the NFL Top 10 Plays breakdown.


10. Jerry Jeudy Week 4 vs. Jets

Jeudy mosses the Jets defender on a 48 yard touchdown.


9. Patrick Mahomes to Tyreek Hill Week 2 vs. Chargers

Mahomes on the run throws a dime deep to Tyreek Hill for the 54 yard touchdown.


8. Mark Andrews one hand catch Week 1 vs. Browns

Mark Andrews with the one hand catch in the endzone for the touchdown to open up the season.


7. Alvin Kamara Week 3 vs. Packers

Alvin Kamara takes the short pass from Drew Brees and does the rest. 52 yards later, he is in the endzone.


6. Marcus Maye Week 6 vs. Dolphins

Marcus Maye with the crazy interception against the Dolphins. He pins it to his butt and takes it away.


5. Brandon Aiyuk Week 3 vs. Eagles

Brandon Aiyuk takes the bubble screen and hurdles a defender on his way to a 38 yard touchdown.


4. Xavien Howard Week 14 vs. Chiefs

Xavien Howard with the one handed interception against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 14.


3. Kenny Moore Week 14 vs. Raiders

Kenny Moore with the ridiculous one handed interception against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 14.


2. DK Metcalf chases down Budda Baker Week 7 vs. Cardinals

Budda Baker with the great interception and DK Metcalf chases him down 100 yards to prevent the touchdown.






1. Hail Murray! Murray to Hopkins Week 10 vs. Bills

Kyler Murray connects with DeAndre Hopkins on the Hail Mary to beat the Buffalo Bills by 2. Arguably the greatest play of the year, and the greatest game!


That is your NFL Top 10 Plays list. Let me know if I missed any!

NFL Top 10

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