NBA Player Props: 3 Props To Bet | December 27th

NBA Player Props

NBA Player Props! The NBA Season is back! It feels good to see all the teams back in action. This is my daily article breaking down the 3 best player props to bet each and every night of the NBA season. I’ll keep track of my record as the season progresses. Let’s get into it.

Note: I am using the lines set by FanDuel Sportsbook.


NBA Player Props: Season Recap: 7-5.

Player Props are my favorite thing to bet on. After an 0-3 day on Christmas, we bounced back with 2-1. We have some money to make. Let’s hop into my favorite NBA Player Props to bet on December 27th.


Zion Williamson Over 24.5 points (-114) vs. Spurs

Fresh off a 32 point performance on Christmas Day, Zion is back for more. The Spurs don’t have the length defensively to shut down Zion. He will feast on their defense and easily score 25 for us. No sweat bet.


James Wiseman Over 12.5 points (-106) vs. Bulls

Wiseman has been one of the only bright spots for the Warriors this year. He scored 19 pts against eh Nets, and then followed that up with 18 against the Bucks. So, you’re telling me they are still going to set his player prop this low? I won’t tolerate the disrespect to the future Rookie of the Year. Not to mention, they are playing the Bulls. Come on man!


D’Angelo Russell Over 21.5 points (-118) vs. Lakers

D’Angelo Russell is going to have to score points if the Timberwolves want to be in this game. A banged up Karl Antony-Towns means Russell will have to do even more. This also fits the revenge game narrative as the Lakers traded him away for a bag of chips way back when. Russell comes out and scores at least 25.


Those are my 3 favorite NBA player props to bet on December 27th. Here’s to hoping we bank together!


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