NBA Player Props: 3 Props To Bet | December 29th

NBA Player Props

NBA Player Props! The NBA Season is back! It feels good to see all the teams back in action. This is my daily article breaking down the 3 best player props to bet each and every night of the NBA season. I’ll keep track of my record as the season progresses. Let’s get into it.

Note: I am using the lines set by FanDuel Sportsbook. Also, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I am not responsible for any loss of money, or broken items in rage.

Season Recap: 10-8

Fresh off a 3-0 sweep on December 28th, Player Props are my favorite thing to bet on. We are positive on the year, but I look to become more consistent with 3-0 and 2-1 days. 


Deandre Ayton Under 15.5 Points (-116) vs. Pelicans

This is a prove it game for Ayton. He has to show me he can do this. His under is 3-0 on the year and I am trying to get that to 4-0. The Suns don’t play through him and he rarely gets up shots. Steven Adams is a good defender. I’m taking his under until he proves to me he’s worthy of me picking his over. 


Russell Westbrook Over 40.5 PTs+REBs+ASTs (-115) 

Vegas is going to have to start respecting my man Russell. Like I said in an earlier article, he is back to his stat padding ways. He’s a walking triple double and that’ll be what he is for the entire season. Russell is going to average 22-25 points per game and he is easily capable of picking up 18 rebounds and assists combined, especially against a team like the Bulls. Westbrook gets this done easily.


Bam Adebayo Under 19.5 points (-122) vs. Bucks

You won’t meet a bigger Bam Adebayo fan than myself. Bam is one of my favorite players to watch, but I also know 19.5 is too high for him. His player prop should be consistently 16.5 and then it’s a toss up depending on the matchup. In this scenario, the matchup is why I chose his under. He will be tasked with guarding Giannis all game and that’s exhausting in itself. All it takes is a little early foul trouble and he won’t even sniff this over.

Those are my 3 favorite NBA player props to bet on December 29th. Here’s to hoping we bank together!


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