NBA Best Bets: 3 Winning Bets to Make on New Years Day

NBA Best Bets

NBA Best Bets (and the NBA) are back! Happy New Year! I am here to give you some NBA Betting tips: my 3 favorite NBA spreads to bet on January 1st. This is a daily article, along with my NBA Player Props. Let’s dive in.


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Note: I am using the lines set by FanDuel Sportsbook. Also, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I am not responsible for any loss of money, or broken items in rage.


Season Recap: 12-4

We are fresh off a 2-1 night. Combined with Player Props, we are 30-13, so don’t forget to check out the player props article at the bottom of this one. Let’s ride with our NBA Best Bets!


8:10 PM: Wizards (-1) at Timberwolves

Pick: Wizards-1

Picking the winless team to win outright is a bold move, but the Wizards desperately need this win. I am already expecting a big game from Beal (as seen in my NBA Player Props article), and the Timberwolves are still missing Karl Anthony-Towns. Bradley Beal will put this team on his back and win them a game.


9:10 PM: Clippers (-3.5) at Jazz, O/U: 223

Pick: Clippers-3.5

The Jazz are not that good. The Clippers have played well in every game that Kawhi is there. The Jazz will have no answer for Kawhi and PG13. Clippers win this one and cover easily. The Jazz usually struggle out of the gate before they kick it into full gear. This season is no different. Moving on.


10:40: Blazers (-4.5) at Warriors, O/U: 231.5

Pick: Blazers-4.5

Both teams enter with the same record: 2-2. The difference is the Blazers have beaten two good teams (Lakers and Rockets), the Warriors have beaten only the Bulls and the Pistons. Come on. This spread should be bigger. Damian Lillard hasn’t played well but this game comes down to talent. The Blazers are far more talented and deep. They won’t have any trouble getting to 3-2. Give me the Blazers-4.5 in the night game!


Those are my 3 NBA Best Bets f0r January 1st. Here’s to hoping we bank together this New Year!


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NBA Player Props: 3 Bets To Make on New Years Day!

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