NFL Season Recap: 3 Biggest Disappointments of the 2020 Season

NFL Season Recap

Week 17 has come and gone and the NFL Regular Season is all but over. I am here to provide my NFL Season Recap. I will recap the 3 biggest disappointments of this season. In my next article, I will breakdown the 3 biggest surprises of the 2020 NFL Season. Let’s get into it.

NFL Season Recap: 3 Biggest Disappointments

1. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have to come in at #1. Finishing at 7-9, they were a huge disappointment. After making it to the NFC Divisional Round in the 2019 Playoffs, the Vikings never looked right this year. Their defense struggled big time. They did get a steal in the draft with Justin Jefferson, who broke several rookie receiving records so that is a bright spot. But, they will need to evaluate this whole roster. Is Kirk Cousins the answer at quarterback? I don’t know, but they sure were a big disappointment in 2020 and we will have to watch their offseason to see if they make any big moves.


2. Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz has already received a lot of slander this year, so I will save him some time, but he looked bad. The Eagles never could put it together and win some games. I expect Wentz to be traded this offseason, as Hurts becomes the future Eagles’ franchise QB. The Eagles have the talent, and are in the weakest division in football. It was surprising to see them this bad. Ultimately, it boils down to Wentz being unable to put up points. He was often looking to take the big shot and go deep every play instead of extending the drive with shorter passes.


3a. Cowboys

It feels like every year the Cowboys could make this list, but I give them a slight pass due to the injury to Dak Prescott but still, they were unacceptable. Andy Dalton is a professional quarterback, and the Cowboys have arguably the best receiving core in the league. Add on Ezekiel Elliott and they should be able to score points no matter who is behind center. Either way, another disappointing year for the Dallas Cowboys.


3b. San Francisco 49ers

A year after making the Super Bowl, the 49ers will finish 6-10. The 49ers were riddled by injuries all year long and I partially blame that for their disappointing year, but even when healthy, Jimmy Garoppolo looked bad. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 49ers seek other options at QB in the offseason. Whether they pull the trigger on an older QB like Stafford is yet to be seen but it is still a conversation John Lynch and Mike Shanahan will have to have.

That’ll do it. That is my NFL Season Recap: 3 Most Disappointing Teams in 2020.

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