What should the New York Jets do with the 2nd pick?

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NFL Draft Season is upon us. With the draft approaching rapidly, we breakdown what the New York Jets should do with the 2nd overall pick? 

Even though the New York Jets did not win the “Tank for Trevor Sweepstakes”, they’re still in a decent position to turn this putrid franchise around. Many Jets fans have strong opinions on what they should do with this pick, but I’m here to give you the unbiased best options for them moving forward into this offseason. I will present the options in this article and give the Jets the blueprint to contend in the AFC East for the next decade. 


Option 1:

Drafting Penei Sewell with the #2 pick.

This is my favorite option. Jets fans will be screaming “But we want Heisman Winner Devonta Smith! Not another O-lineman…”. Well football is a game won at the line of scrimmage and the position of offensive lineman isn’t something that is commonly found late in the draft. Unlike Wide Receiver, the talent drop off is sharp. Gems like Tyreek Hill and Antonio Brown can be found in the 5th-6th round, but you can’t find a talent like Sewell that late. At the end of the day, a great offensive line is how Sam Darnold can take the next step in his development. You’ll notice there isn’t an option to draft a QB on this list because I firmly believe Darnold can be a serviceable QB with better coaching and talent around him. 


Option 2:

Draft DeVonta Smith because a Heisman-winning talent like this is just too hard to pass up on.

DeVonta has absolutely shined in his role in the high-flying Alabama offense and he would inject much needed excitement into the Jets fan base. It has been a long time since the Jets have had a transcendent offensive talent, and Devonta could be just that. Devonta is as close to a sure thing that the Jets could draft. By waiting on a wide receiver, you risk drafting another Devin Smith (2nd Round Pick in 2015), ArDarius Stewart (3rd Round Pick in 2017) or Chad Hansen (3rd Round Pick in 2017). You probably don’t know any of those 3 players, and I can’t blame you. That is why the Jets should consider drafting DeVonta Smith at #2.


Option 3:

Do whatever it takes to acquire Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. 

The list of teams that don’t need Deshaun’s services is a short one. Pretty much any team would love to have him, but few could offer what the Jets could. Package together several first round picks, Sam Darnold and whatever else the Texans want to get him to New York. It may seem like a lot, but nothing in the draft is a proven commodity like Deshaun already is. He would take the Jets to the next level on day 1 and once again bring faith and hope to a franchise who sorely needs it.


Those are my 3 favorite options that the Jets have. Could I see them drafting Justin Fields or Zach Wilson? Absolutely. It’s the New York Jets we are talking about. Anything is possible. Expect the unexpected.

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