NBA Player Props: 4 Winning Bets for January 27th


NBA Player Props for Wednesday, January 27th are here!

This is my daily article. We breakdown the 4 best NBA Player Props to bet on each and every night of NBA action. I’ll keep track of my record as the season progresses. Please check us out on Twitter @CallingOurShot for recaps and live updates.


Note: I am using the lines set by FanDuel Sportsbook. Also, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I am not responsible for any loss of money, or broken items in rage… we’ve all been there.


Season Record: 65-44

Bouncing back off a 1-3 day. We made good picks that would cash 80% of the time, just happened to fall in that 20% for 2 of them. That’s fine. Still up big on the year! Let’s keep the train rolling. NBA Player Props have been making us money all year and I don’t plan on stopping now.

Let’s hop into it!


Joel Embiid Over 25.5 Points (-118) vs. Lakers

Embiid has been living at the free throw line the last several games. He’s playing like an MVP, and is truly carrying this Sixers team offensively. Anthony Davis will likely matchup with him, but that doesn’t scare me. In games that Embiid receives 30+ minutes, he averages 33.33 points per game. He has hit this over in 8 of 9 of those games. Embiid will likely see 30+ minutes tonight as I expect this game to be close. 26 points isn’t asking for a lot out of the man averaging 27.7 PPG, and 37.67 PPG in his last 3 games. Trust the Process!


De’Aaron Fox Over 22.5 Points (-108) vs. Magic

This is one of the rare player props that I choose where the number is above their season average, but it is for good reason. The Magic are the 6th worst team in the NBA guarding opposing point guards giving up 25.46 PPG to that position. To add onto that, the Magic do not have a shot blocking center to deter Fox from driving to the rim over and over again. That is exactly what he will do tonight and he will cruise to a 25 point outing.


Jerami Grant Over 22.5 Points (-114) vs. Cavaliers

The Pistons and Cavaliers matched up earlier this season and Grant exploited the Cavs defense for 28 points on 14 shots. Nowadays, he gets more than 14 shots. The Cavaliers defense was just used and abused by LeBron James for 46 points, and while Jerami Grant is not LeBron, he still is a capable scorer. This game should be close as neither team is much better than the other. Grant has been making us money all year and I am back for more!


Andre Drummond Over 31.5 Points+Rebounds (-122) vs. Pistons

Drummond isn’t playing as many minutes as he usually does, but he is still filling up the stat sheet. In their matchup earlier this year, Drummond dropped 23 points and 16 rebounds on the Pistons. This is also a revenge game for Drummond as the Pistons traded him for a bag of chips. He’s going to take it personal tonight and makes sure that he punishes Mason Plumlee and Blake Griffin down low. Lock it in for another big Andre Drummond performance.

Those are my 4 favorite NBA player props for Wednesday, January 27th. Here’s to hoping we bank together.


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