NBA Power Rankings Week 7: How far do the Mavs fall?

NBA Power Rankings

 NBA Power Rankings for Week 7 of the Season!

We are about a quarter way through the NBA season. We’ve seen some surprises this year, and some disappointments, but these are my NBA Power Rankings.

Rankings will be updated every Monday. Check out our previous weeks rankings below.

Previous Rankings: Week 6

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Season Record: 15-6

It is hard to argue for any other team here. The Lakers are playing great on both sides of the ball. They have looked like a cohesive unit the whole year, despite some big acquisitions: Gasol, Harrell, Schroeder. They are still the team to beat in the NBA. Anthony Davis and LeBron James still appear to be easing themselves into the season. I am waiting for them to go on a long winning streak sometime soon.

2. Los Angeles Clippers

Season Record: 16-5

The Clippers, led by Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, are playing the best as a team as we have seen them. The role players are stepping up. You’d like to see more out of Lou Williams, but Nicolas Batum and Serge Ibaka are playing well in the starting rotation. Kawhi and PG are carrying the load, but they are two top players in the NBA. The true test will be the postseason which we are nowhere near. Let’s see the Clippers keep up this consistency for a couple weeks.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Season Record: 15-6

When fully healthy, the Sixers have been unbeatable. Joel Embiid is playing like an MVP candidate. Tobias Harris is shooting it better than he ever has. This team will come down to Ben Simmons. He has played well at stretches, but he will need to be great for this team to make a run in the postseason. He’s an All-NBA defender, but Philly needs more from him on the offensive end to compete with the Nets and Bucks in the Eastern Conference.

4. Utah Jazz

Season Record: 15-5

The Utah Jazz have impressed me this year. Quin Snyder has elevated this team once again. They are firing 3s on more possessions than they ever have, and they are hitting them at a ridiculous rate. If this Jazz team can continue to improve, they have a shot to make some noise in the postseason.

5. Brooklyn Nets

Season Record: 13-9

Brooklyn’s Big 3 is starting to build that chemistry, but that is to be expected. They are still trying to mesh together and figure out where each other likes the ball. I have full faith that they will figure that out as the season goes on. They are still my favorite to come out of the East. They do need to improve on the defensive side of the ball though.

6. Milwaukee Bucks

Season Record: 11-8

The Bucks have yet to hit their stride this season. They are still trying to figure out their full rotation including their bench. Once they start playing like a cohesive unit, this Bucks team will be even scarier. Giannis played much better over the past week. He’s back to his dominant self, which was missing at times over the first month.

7. Boston Celtics

Season Record: 10-8

Boston was fully healthy (for the most part) with Jayson Tatum back, but then they lost Marcus Smart. Jaylen Brown has been playing at an All-Star level the past week. The Celtics are still a very talented team and will finish as a top 4 seed in the Eastern Conference. Let’s see what they look like now without Smart for the next couple weeks.

8. Denver Nuggets

Season Record: 12-8

Jokic is playing at an MVP level. Jamal Murray has been inconsistent. Michael Porter Jr. is back after missing the past few weeks. The Nuggets should rattle off a couple wins here as the team is back to full strength. They are fresh off a big win against the Utah Jazz on Sunday. Let’s see them build some momentum.

9. Portland Trail Blazers

Season Record: 10-8

Shoutout to Damian Lillard for keeping his Blazers alive. It is going to be a tough stretch without CJ McCollum, but the Blazers have the talent to win games. They do need to pick it up on the defensive side of the ball. They also just need to get healthy with Nurkic and McCollum sidelined for several weeks.

10. Phoenix Suns

Season Record: 10-8

The Phoenix Suns are quite the up and down team. Booker, Paul and Ayton need to get on the same page. It feels like only one of them dominates a game, when they need multiple to contend in the West. I am sure they are just building chemistry together and will get better as the season progresses. Booker should be back from injury this week and we will see how they put it together.

11. Indiana Pacers

Season Record: 11-9

Indiana is looking good this year. Sabonis is again playing like an All-Star. I am excited for them to get LeVert back whenever that may be. LeVert has the talent to make this Pacers team a scary one come playoff time. LeVert can help take this team to the next level.

12. Toronto Raptors

Season Record: 8-12

Not a great week for the Raptors but they capped it off with a win against the Orlando Magic. The Raptors are far too talented to miss the playoffs. They are finding their groove and will start to rise up the Eastern Conference Standings. Happy to see Siakam start to play much better!

13. Memphis Grizzlies

Season Record: 8-6

With Ja Morant back, this Grizzlies team is legit. They are still waiting for Jaren Jackson Jr. to return. The Grizzlies were my surprise team to watch out for at the beginning of the year, and I still feel the same way. 

14. Miami Heat

Season Record: 7-12

The Heat’s record is worse than it should be. They have been hampered by COVID protocol the past few weeks with Jimmy Butler out, as well as several other role players. Butler is back, the Heat should cement themselves back as a 6-7 seed in the Eastern Conference shortly. Jimmy makes this team that much better and that will be proven this week.

15. San Antonio Spurs

Season Record: 11-9

I am happy to see the Spurs this high as I projected them to not be that good this year. They are making the most of what they got and are quietly in the playoff hunt. DeRozan is playing well, as is Dejounte Murray and Keldon Johnson. Patty Mills has been terrific off the bench and should be in conversation for 6MOY.

16. Atlanta Hawks

Season Record: 10-9

The Hawks have looked good this year. Hunter, Capela and Collins have all excelled. Trae Young had a short slump but he has bounced out of that. The Hawks should be a fringe playoff team this year. Great progress for a young team with a very young core. They need their role players to get healthy ASAP before they can make some true noise.

17. Dallas Mavericks

Season Record: 8-12

Luka Doncic is still Luka. Kristaps Porzingis is back. Brighter days are ahead. But, this team is going the wrong direction. I am waiting for this team to kick it into gear, but they are still missing some key role players like Dwight Powell. Time will tell with this Mavs team. Not looking great to start though. The Mavericks had the biggest move in our NBA Power Rankings, but not in a good way. They fell 5 spots from #12 the previous week.

18. Golden State Warriors

Season Record: 11-9

The Warriors are going to be close to .500 all year. Stephen Curry is going to try to carry this team as far as he can but he doesn’t have enough help to get it done. Wiseman has really stepped it up as of late. The Warriors have impressed me this season. Let’s see if they can keep putting together wins against the tough Western Conference.

19. Charlotte Hornets

Season Record: 9-11

The Hornets can’t go any higher until they start LaMelo Ball. They have reached their ceiling as a fringe 10-11 seed in the Eastern Conference. Terry Rozier and Devonte Graham should be playing less minutes. Let LaMelo grow with the starters. Gordon Hayward has been a big surprise this year and is having the best year of his career. Happy for him!

20. Houston Rockets

Season Record: 9-9

Christian Wood was my pick to win Most Improved Player at the beginning of the year and I am happy to see him getting the recognition he deserves. Overall, this Rockets team hasn’t been healthy all year but I am excited to see how Wall, Wood and Oladipo can all coexist. The WOW Factor is turning out to be a good experiment thus far. Let’s see if they can keep this momentum this week. The Rockets had the biggest move up our NBA Power Rankings this week. They looked great this week. Let’s make Christian Wood an All-Star!

21. New York Knicks

Season Record: 9-12

The Knicks have been a revelation this year. They have one of the league’s best defenses and Julius Randle and RJ Barrett are both stepping up. Immanuel Quickley has played very well and is looking like one of the steals of the draft. The Knicks have to be proud of the way they started the season. They need to get Obi Toppin more involved though, and put him on the block as opposed to making him a spot up shooter which isn’t his strength.

22. Orlando Magic

Season Record: 8-13

The injury to Markelle Fultz is turning out to be bigger than people imagined. Once upon a time, the Magic were the only remaining undefeated team in the NBA. Going in the opposite direction, the Magic will turn it around once Cole Anthony, Aaron Gordon, Terrence Ross and Fournier start playing more consistently. Vucevic can’t be a one man show!

23. Cleveland Cavaliers

Season Record: 9-11

The Cavaliers aren’t that good. I don’t believe in their roster to keep playing as well as they have thus far. Darius Garland is back in the starting lineup which is good to see. The Cavaliers are fresh-off a loss to the Timberwolves on Sunday. I am not too optimistic about their season as a whole.

24. Chicago Bulls

Season Record: 7-11

Zach LaVine is trying to play his way into the All Star game. Just when I thought the Bulls were turning it around, they played poorly this week. I expect them to finish as a 10-12 seed in the Eastern Conference. They are playing better than the teams below them on the list.

25. New Orleans Pelicans

Season Record: 7-11

Talk about a group of players that don’t fit together. The Pelicans can’t make an open jump shot consistently and that will plague them all year. Bledsoe and Lonzo Ball should not be on the court at the same time. They need to make Zion the focal point of the offense, not Brandon Ingram. Stan Van Gundy needs to change his lineups or else they will be near the top of the lottery again.

26. Washington Wizards

Season Record: 4-12

You could argue that the Wizards are too high, and I wouldn’t blame you. Russell Westbrook appears to be fully healthy now. They are fresh off their biggest game of the year, they needed that win against Brooklyn Sunday night. I still think they can pull it together. It is going to take some hard work but Beal and Westbrook is still a formidable duo to win some games. They first need to start playing defense first.

27. Oklahoma City Thunder

Season Record: 8-10

The Thunder’s record is much better than it should be. Props to the young guys for starting the season strong. This team will slowly fade away as the season progresses but I am happy to see how SGA has rallied this crew to fight each and every night. Brighter days are ahead. This Thunder team is going to be in this same spot for the majority of our NBA Power Rankings. 

28. Sacramento Kings

Season Record: 8-11

The Kings can’t stop a nosebleed. Their defense is terrible and they just don’t look like a cohesive unit. Some nights they are really impressive, and then other nights they get absolutely destroyed. Tyrese Haliburton has been a nice surprise. I am expecting them to trade Buddy Hield and/or Marvin Bagley one of these days. That would not surprise me.

29. Minnesota Timberwolves

Season Record: 5-14

Timberwolves have been without Karl Anthony-Towns for a majority of the year. It’ll be interesting to see how they are when he comes back. Anthony Edwards finally played well on Sunday. It seems like another wasted year for Towns and D’Angelo Russell.

30. Detroit Pistons

Season Record: 5-15

Do I need to say more? If you’ve watched the Pistons at all this year, first off, I’m sorry you put yourself through that and secondly, they are terrible. I love Jerami Grant, he has been a star. The young guys need to get more minutes, not Blake and D Rose. Get Blake Griffin and D Rose out of there to championship contenders. That is why they finish last in our NBA Power Rankings.


Those are my NBA Power Rankings for Week 7 of the NBA Season.


Be back next week to see who has ascended and descended our NBA Power Rankings. 

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