NBA Player Props: 3 Bets for Tuesday, February 2nd


NBA Player Props for Tuesday, February 2nd are here!

This is my daily article. We breakdown the 3 best NBA Player Props to bet on each and every night of NBA action. I’ll keep track of my record as the season progresses. Please check us out on Twitter @CallingOurShot for recaps and live updates.


Note: I am using the lines set by FanDuel Sportsbook. Also, these are just my thoughts and opinions. I am not responsible for any loss of money, or broken items in rage… we’ve all been there.


Season Record: 75-52

Let’s keep the train rolling. NBA Player Props have been making us money all year and I don’t plan on stopping now.

Let’s hop into it!


Pascal Siakam Over 20.5 Points (-116) vs. Magic

Siakam is off his best two games this year. He has scored 30+ points in two straight games, one of those games against the Magic themselves. He has shooting the ball better, and shooting it more. The Magic just lost Aaron Gordon, arguably their best defender and the person that matches up with Siakam. With him out, I am not sure who the Magic will deploy to guard Spicy P but it won’t matter. I am riding the hot hand of Siakam to see if he can make it 3 good games!


Russell Westbrook Over 22.5 Points (-110) vs. Trail Blazers

Russell Westbrook appears fully healthy for the first time in weeks. He has 26 and 41 points over his last two games. Now, he gets a matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers, a team that gives up nearly 30 points per game to opposing point guards. Also, this is a rivalry game. Russell and Dame have always elevated their game against each other and tonight will be no different. Russell should coast to this over in a high scoring affair as neither of these teams play an ounce of defense.


Kawhi Leonard Over 27.5 Points (-106) vs. Nets

Who? What? Where? When? Kawhi! Sorry, I had to do that. Back to the analysis, Kawhi is on a bit of a hot streak lately. He has scored 28+ points in 6 of his past 9 games and his next opponent is the Brooklyn Nets. Ever heard of defense? The Nets surely haven’t. They have the worst defensive rating in the NBA since the James Harden trade. They are letting teams score 125+ points with ease and tonight will be no different. I’m locking in Kawhi and not thinking twice.

Those are my 3 favorite NBA player props for Tuesday, February 2nd. Here’s to hoping we bank together.


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  1. russ at 23.5 and 24.5 some books! still play??

    1. Yes, I still like that line. He should get 25+ tonight against the Blazers.

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