Super Bowl Predictions: Dark horse for Super Bowl MVP is…

Super Bowl Predictions

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, it’s not too early to give you my Super Bowl Predictions as well as a dark horse player to win the Super Bowl MVP trophy. A dark horse isn’t someone like Patrick Mahomes who is the favorite to win the award. A dark horse would be someone like…….well you’re going to have to keep reading for that.

The big game is approaching. As you know, it will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs. Check out my YouTube channel where I will post a video breaking down the whole game, down to Player Props that I am betting on. See that here. Let’s jump into my Super Bowl Predictions.


Game time: February 7th, 6:30PM EST.

This will be a high scoring game as that is what the Chiefs are known for. The Buccaneers are the underdog, and I think they will play better being the underdog.  Tom Brady has nothing else to prove during his career, but winning this game would make it next to impossible for any other player to supplant him as the GOAT.

BUT, I don’t think Tom is going to get it done this year. The Chiefs are far too talented. Tyreek Hill exploited the Buccaneers defense last time these two teams played, so I expect them to take that away, but then you leave the rest of the field open for Travis Kelce to work.

The Chiefs are unstoppable. It will take a big game from the Bucs defense to keep them in this game. If they are able to force pressure and get Mahomes on the ground, then it will be a whole other story. All I ask is for a close, hard fought, competitive game, but I see the Chiefs prevailing when it is all said and done.

Score Prediction: Chiefs 31 -Buccaneers 27


Dark horse for Super Bowl MVP: Tyrann Mathieu (+5000)

There has not been a defensive Super Bowl MVP since Von Miller in Super Bowl 50, and only has been 2 defensive Super Bowl MVPs in the last 17 years. Honey Badger will make that 3. He’s been carrying this defense, flying everywhere and breaking up passes, making tackles, interceptions, you name it…he’s done it. All it will take is a late interception that will seal the game and then he has  a serious shot to win it. Let’s see if he can get it done!


Those are my Super Bowl LV Predictions. Let’s just hope we get a good game next weekend! Good luck! NFL Player Props to come below!

Super Bowl Player Props: 3 Props for the Big Game

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