Worst NBA Bets: Monday, February 8th

Worst NBA Bets

Worst NBA Bets to Make On Monday, February 8th

Despite all of the uncertainty and postponements, the NBA Season continues on. We have basketball to bet on each and every night. The NBA is an everchanging league filled with iconic moments and performances, and that is what makes it so much fun to bet on.

Nothing is ever a guarantee in the betting industry which brings us to this article: Worst NBA Bets. This will be our attempt to provide the worst bets to make each and every night of the NBA Season.

We will update our Season Record below daily.

The goal is to be as bad as possible, hence ‘Worst NBA Bets’. Fade them, tail them, do whatever you want. We are here to produce some entertaining content, and see where it goes.

Season Record: 0-0

Clean slate. Let’s get into our 3 Worst Bets to make on February 8th!

Cavs/Suns Over 215 pts.

The Cavaliers and Suns are offensive juggernauts. Both play up and down and get up their shots. The Cavs are 26th in pace, and the Suns are 29th. The Cavaliers make the least amount of 3’s per game. Collin Sexton will rally the crew and knock down some shots tonight.

OKC+10.5 vs. Lakers

The Lakers just had to go to two overtimes to beat the Pistons. The Lakers have struggled to beat bad teams, and would you look at that, the Thunder are a bad team. Lakers will play with their food tonight and the Thunder will cover.

Mavs-9.5 vs. T-Wolves

The Mavericks are fresh-off a big win against the Warriors despite letting Curry drop a 50 burger. The T-Wolves are bad, the Mavs are good. Simple as that. Mavs win big.


Those are our Worst NBA Bets to make tonight, Monday, February 8th, 2021. Let’s see how we do! Remember the worse the better. Check out our NBA Player Props article where we try to get our picks right!


Worst NBA Bets

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