NBA & MLB Best Bets: Friday, 4/23/21


NBA & MLB Best Prop Bets & Spreads for Friday, 4/23/2021

 This is my daily article! We breakdown our NBA & MLB Best Prop Bets and spreads for each and every night. I’ll keep track of my record as the season progresses. Please check us out on Twitter @CallingOurShot for recaps and live updates.

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Let’s get into my NBA Best Prop Bets and Spreads of the Day!


NBA Best Prop Bets Record: 343-281-1 (+46.4 units)

MLB Best Bets Record: 67-52 (+8.1 units)

Here is today’s slate!


Russell Westbrook Over 25.5 Rebounds+Assists (or Over 12.5 assists +100)

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man? I refuse to go away from the man. Westbrook has been insane this year and especially during this stretch. Like I said, he’s just 8 triple doubles away from tying Oscar Robertson for most all time. These two teams just matched up and Westbrook had 11 rebounds and 17 assists (hence why I leaned the assists). He’s back in OKC and he wants to put on a show. Lock in the Westbrook Over 25.5 Rebounds+Assists and let’s ride together!


Darius Bazley Over 16.5 Points and LuGuentz Dort’s Over if he plays.

Same game, and I usually don’t do 2 (heck even 3) props in the same game but these guys #’s are too low. Bazley has been great recently. 26 points in back to back. Averaging 21.8 points over his last 5 games. He’s hit this over in 4 of his last 5 (the one miss being a 16 point game). He’s been terrific, but mainly, he’s just shooting it a lot. 19 shot attempts per game over these last 5. If the shot attempts is ever over the point prop total, you know I’m all in. He just had 26 points against this Wizards team and that was on 7/19 shooting. As for Dort, he’s been just as good when he’s active. 26+ points in 3 straight games, although I don’t expect him to play tonight, but I would still take the over if he does.


Here’s an opportunity for an SGP if you want one. Beal 25+ points, Westbrook 10+ rebounds, 12+ assists, Bazley 15+ points: +253. Not too bad.


Darius Garland Over 8.5 Rebounds+Assists

This isn’t what we normally bet for Darius Garland, normally we do the Pts+Assists and you still could do that at 26.5, and if you have an assist number at 5.5 I would do that too, but we do 8.5 Rebounds+Assists and here’s why. Since 2020, Garland has played the Hornets 3 times. Here are his numbers: 5 rebs 8 assists, 6 rebs 6 assists, 4 rebs 7 assists (this year). He’s easily hit this over in all of the 3 games. He hasn’t hit this in 2 straight games but prior to that, he had hit in 4 straight. The Hornets don’t let point guards run amuck and score tons of points against them. I think Garland piles up the assists and rebounds tonight. Lock it in.


Ja Morant Over 32.5 PRAs

I want it to be known that during Ja Morant’s career, I have never gotten a bet right. I bet his over, he hits me with 13 points. I bet his under, he hits me with 32 points. The man hates me, but I am a man that preaches forgiveness and for that, I am here today to offer that exact forgiveness. Settle our differences, Mr. Morant and treat me to a winner. I am taking the PRA line. He’s been much better past 2 games. Last game he just missed with 32 PRAs, but game before that, buddy dropped 36 actual points and I think he has that potential tonight against the Blazers. On the season against the Point Guard Position, here is how the Blazers rank: 5th most PPG, 1st most RPG, and 5th most APG. In his two career games against Portland, Morant has cashed both times and averaged 36.5 PRAs. I am all in tonight. I welcome the pain.


Stephen Curry Over 33.5 Points

One bad game makes this line drop 2 whole points….okay. He still shot it 25 times and went 2/14. Give me that many shot attempts tonight and we will have a good chance. He just had 53 points on the Nuggets, and I think he can do it again. The Nuggets aren’t a team that can really trap or double team that often. Jokic and MPJ are too slow and can’t move laterally that well. Instead that will just have to watch Facu use and abuse them. I am taking Curry’s over tonight.


Leans: Terry Rozier Over 10.5 Rebs+Asts

If you have this same line again, I’d be all in again. He hit it last night and didn’t even play the 4th quarter. He had 15 a couple nights ago against the Cavs, I think he does it again.


Rockets+11.5 vs. Clippers

If you had bet against the Rockets ATS every single night this season, you’d be up big time. Rockets are 19-40 ATS (32.2%). That would be the worst cover percentage in a long long time. Lowest I could find is 34.8% by the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats (yes, I said bobcats). I don’t think Vegas can allow that. They need the Rockets to get some covers the rest of the year to look better. I am taking the Rockets to cover tonight for that exact reason. Hurt me good.


Blazers vs. Grizzlies Over 233 Points

Not much defense is being played by either of these teams. Ja Morant and the Grizzlies will put up points (at least I hope they do) and the Blazers are one of the best offensive teams in the NBA. Combine that together and fireworks usually happen. The total has gone OVER in 6 of Memphis’ last 7 games on the road.


Parlay Of The Day:

Ja Morant Over 32.5 PRAs, Darius Bazley Over 16.5 Points, Darius Garland Over 8.5 Rebs+Asts. Could replace Bazley with Westbrook if you wanted. +573


ML Parlay:

Heat, Wizards and Nets +167. Those are the 3 teams I am most confident in. If I add any more teams, I lose all confidence.


MLB Run Lines, Over/Unders, NRFIs:

Here is today’s slate. For full analysis, check out our full video on our YouTube channel:

Diamondbacks vs Braves- Braves RL(-1.5)+116

A’s vs O’s- Over 9.5 -110

Phillies vs Rockies- Rockies ML -134

Brewers at Cubs- Brewers ML -118

Padres vs Dodgers- NRFI

Nationals v. Mets NRFI -150

Blue Jays v. Rays- Blue Jays ML +135


Parlay of the Day:

Braves RL, Rockies ML, NRFI Dodgers


Those are my NBA & MLB Best Prop Bets and spreads for Friday, April 23rd.  Here’s to hoping we bank together. 

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