Sports Betting Arbitrage: What is it? & How Can OddsJam help?

Sports Betting Arbitrage

Sports Betting Arbitrage

Today, we are talking about Sports Betting Arbitrage and I have a website that will help you master it and win a lot of risk-free money.

But first, welcome to Calling Our Shot! We run this website as well as our YouTube Channel, with now over 4500 subscribers, so check that out if you want for our daily Betting Picks, but today we talk about Sports Betting Arbitrage.

What is Sports Betting Arbitrage?

In simple terms, Arbitrage Betting is when a bettor make multiple bets on the same event to guarantee a profit no matter the result. It’s a form of hedging like we’ve talked about before. Long story short, arbitrage is free money, literally what is better. Here’s an example of how it works. 

Let’s say you’re an NBA advocate and tonight you have a matchup: Lakers vs. the Celtics. Let’s say on FanDuel, Lakers ML odds sit at +110 odds so assuming you place $100 on the Lakers ML, you’d return $110 with a Lakers win. But let’s say over on BetMGM, same game: Lakers-Celtics but instead they have the Lakers at -105 ML and the Celtics at -105. You can see the odds are different from FanDuel. In this example, you could place $105 on Celtics ML bringing you back $100 with a Celtics win. So if the Lakers win, you profit $5, if the Celtics win, you breakeven.

This is a simple example, but the same thing works on player props and over/unders and spreads every single day. This obviously only works best if you place the bets at the same time. As you and I know, the odds and lines are constantly changing on books. 

The Profit Margins can be small, and it’s not for the everyone and I recognize that. Takes time and patience, but you can absolutely make money on US sportsbooks with this strategy if you care to. Arbitrage is a very useful tool to build your bankroll with guaranteed profits each and every night. No stress, just free cash.


But, where’s the catch?

Truthfully, the hardest part is finding these arbitrage bets. For good reason, they are hard to come by. It can take hours and hours digging through odds on various sports books just to come up empty handed, but you know I got you!

Let me introduce you to OddsJam ( If you already use OddsJam then congrats, you’re ahead of the game, but let me show you what this awesome site has in store for you.

They have their very own Arbitrage Calculator.  It does the majority of the work for you. Automatically scans for arbitrage opportunities across several main stream sports books like FanDuel, Draftkings, Barstool Sports and more, and gives you the exact bets to place. It even has a calculator to show how much you should be placing on each bet (depending on how much you can afford).

Sports Betting Arbitrage

So in this example above, I would put $200 on the Over 7 Runs at -227 on BetMGM. Then put $83.51 on the Under 7 runs at +245 on DraftKings, guaranteeing myself a $4.60 profit regardless of the outcome. 

Now I’m sure you are like, well $4.60 isn’t that much, and if that’s you, then you should become a member on our YouTube channel. Only $2.99/mo and you become a COS All-Star (link here!). All joking aside, that was a quick and easy example of a 1.6% arbitrage bet. Their site finds bets much better than that every single day. If you can bet $1000 on 4% arbs every day, bringing in $40 a day, you’d be up $14,600. It compounds quickly, and that $14,600 will make the cost of the service look like nothing!


How Do I Sign Up?

This section of the site under Statistics updates instantly, constantly analyzing information from the Sports Books. Obviously, there will be a cost involved. Like I said, OddsJam does not have this feature for free to the public. BUT, OddsJam hooked us up. 

Use the first link down below and use Promo Code: COS2021 at checkout for 5% off. I know, it might be expensive for a good majority of you at about $70 for the US plan, but I know there are people out there wanting to do this. And heck, when you sign up, you get a free 3 day trial so no harm in trying it out, seeing if you make some money.

A lot of their users are much more on a daily basis as they as they have the bankroll to do it. Just using it briefly, I have made a good amount of money, and it’s only been a couple of days, so check that out for those that are interested! You will be thankful you signed up. I truly believe you will make back your subscription cost and then some. All of the arbitrage opportunities are on the “Statistics” page of


What else does OddsJam have to offer?

But even if you aren’t going to pay for it, and that’s totally understandable, OddsJam is still the best odds comparison platform out there. It is the most up to date, with the most sports books lines available to compare on the internet. If you are a long time subscriber, you know I don’t promote things that aren’t useful. But, there’s few tools as useful as OddsJam when you are going to place those bets.

You’re doing yourself a disservice and costing yourself money by not checking their site to see which Sports Book will give you the best return. 

Like I said, OddsJam is entirely free to use, the odds comparison is completely free. Just the sports betting arbitrage calculator subscription costs money. I use this site every day to compare odds across all the Sports Books. In addition to the comparison tool, they have a blog with useful articles on the daily, so they aren’t just an sports betting arbitrage site. Actually much more than that and I think you guys will really enjoy what they have to offer.

They are really good people over there so if you ever have any problems reach out to them and they are happy to help. You guys are in good hands.


OddsJam is more than just a Sports Arbitrage Betting site. Here are some more features:

Now while you’re using OddsJam, you might see a % next to certain games or matches, like this one here. That % is not the arbitrage winning %. That is the vig or juice or the cut that the Sports Book is taking as a profit for each wager made.

You will also see they have several sports books that you might not have access to in your state. One of these potentially being Pinnacle Sportsbook. But that is a blessing in itself that youhave Pinnacles’ odds on here. They can be an extremely useful tool for the every day bettor.


How to use Pinnacle Sports Book Odds to Your Advantage:

This is what I mean: Pinnacle is light years sharper and more efficient than a Sports Book like BetMGM. Vig/ will be -105/-104 maybe for an MLB game, MGM -112/-110. Pinnacle is sharper, they are more efficient, they get more volume. Thus, let’s say a user sees the Caps/Penguins moneyline is +120 Caps, -130 Penguins on Pinnacle. On MGM, the Capitals are +140.

That’s probably a great bet, mathematically speaking as Pinnacle, the sharper Sports Book is giving the Capitals a better probability to win. You are getting fantastic odds. Even though it’s not necessarily an “arbitrage bet” if they don’t have Pinnacle (e.g. you can’t bet on Pinnacle), it is, mathematically, a fantastic bet to make and a strategy that can be very successful long term.

It’s not just applicable for money lines and spreads, it can be applied to player props and any other bet out there. They also move quicker on injury updates, which can give you a massive advantage if, for example, LeBron James gets injured and lines start to move massively.

It is a very useful tool that is entirely free to use and navigate on the OddsJam website.



Now, you can see why I love OddsJam and why I decided to partner up with them. Obviously they have a great product and subscription service. Use the link in the description and Promo Code: COS2021 at checkout. They are much more than just an sports betting arbitrage site. They are the best place for comparing odds across a ton of different Sports Books (more and more will be added in the future). And, Overall just a great website to add into your daily process for placing your bets of the day. Try to make your money back for the subscription during the free trial period, it’s easily doable.

I hope you learned something about Sports Arbitrage Betting and the OddsJam website. Be sure to go check out the website and use it. You will be thanking me later.

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