NBA & MLB Best Bets: Tuesday, May 25th, 2021


NBA & MLB Best Prop Bets & Spreads for Tuesday, 5/25/2021

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Let’s get into my NBA Best Prop Bets and Spreads of the Day!


NBA Best Prop Bets Record: 439-397-1 (+29.2 units)

MLB Best Bets Record: 170-129-3 (+28.8 units)

Here is today’s slate!


Jayson Tatum Over 30.5 Points (-108)

He wasn’t good in Game 1. 22 points, 6/20 shooting, 5 fouls is not going to cut it. But he will bounce back today. I anticipate 25 shots from Tatum tonight and I am willing to bet on the talent of Tatum to get it done. We saw him drop 50 points and be un-guardable against the Wizards and I think we get that same beast today.

No part of him wants to sit around and watch Evan Fournier, Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart build a brick house. He will take it into his own hands and attack the basket. The Nets have no rim protection and the 11 free throw attempts were a positive sign of him being aggressive.

If the Celtics can hang around in this game and get Tatum his 40 minutes, Tatum should have a good shot at hitting this over.

Prior to last game against the Nets, he had scored 31 and 38 in his last two games against the Nets. Locking in the Tatum today.


Anthony Davis Over 24.5 Points (-108)

Anthony Davis got outplayed by Deandre Ayton in Game 1. Now it wasn’t as bad as people would think since Ayton really just feasted on Andre Drummond who might be one of the worst players in the NBA. But that’s not why we are here, we are here to talk about AD who will have a major bounceback in Game 2.

He scored just 13 points on 5/16 shooting…..yeah that’s not going to do it.

LeBron, Frank Vogel and co. all have dialed in for this game and it’s a must-win. The Lakers success is usually tied to Anthony Davis and they have to get him motivated to get out there.

Just 2 weeks ago, AD dropped 42 points on the Suns and he can do that easily again. Prior to last game’s stinker, he had scored 25+ points in 3 straight games against the Suns.

Tonight, we are taking the Brow to light up the scoreboards in a big way. I also like his rebounds at 8.5 (-128). He had double digit rebounds in 5 straight games against the Suns prior to last game’s 7 rebounds.


Andre Drummond Under 17.5 PRAs (-128)

Sure, has he hit this over in 6 of his last 7, yes, but you know what, Frank Vogel is not an idiot. Drummond stinks, and he’s seen enough. No one wants to go down 0-2 in a series because they played Andre Drummond big minutes. He likely won’t even see 17.5 minutes of playing time.

We should see more Montrezl Harrell today and Marc Gasol will get minutes, with some Anthony Davis at the 5. I sure hope this cashes or else I’ll have to put on my clown nose tomorrow, but this is a passion play.

I hate watching Drummond play and seeing him sell this Lakers team. He was the single reason Ayton hit his over the other day, and so today, I will take Drummond’s under and I feel much more confident in this one.


Kawhi Leonard Over 25.5 Points (-120)

Today, Kawhi has to play like the superstar he is. He wasn’t terrible in Game 1, I mean he still cashed the over but the Clippers were bad. He had 26 points on 9/22 shooting.

Kawhi has feasted on the Mavericks as an LA Clipper. He has played them 12 times, averaged 29.8 PPG on 49% shooting from the field. He has hit this over in 10 of those 12 games, his 2 losses coming during the regular season. During their 6 game playoff series in the Bubble, Kawhi scored 32+ points in 5 of the 6 games. The one game he did not score 32, was a game he scored 29 points so not too shabby.

The Mavericks don’t have anyone to guard him and the Clippers need this win to avoid some heavy scrutiny and they don’t want to go to Dallas down 0-2.

I say the Klaw locks in offensively and defensively and has a big game. I wouldn’t mind his PRA line either, but in my opinion, he is either going to have to hit the point total to hit that PRA line, so I am just taking the points.

Let the Klaw eat tonight!


Celtics/Nets Over 227

These two teams could not buy a basket in Game 1, combining for just 197 points. Boston shot 37% from the field, the Nets shot 8/34 from behind the arc. Shots just weren’t falling. Tatum and Kemba shot 11/36.

The Nets are a better offense than just 103 points. They average 14 3’s made per game, and they struggled to make just 8. Like I spoke about earlier, Tatum will have a better game, and I expect Kemba to not be in foul trouble like he was in the first game.

Very similar to the Heat-Bucks Game 1 where they couldn’t make a shot, but then Game 2 they started making shots. Now I don’t expect them to shoot as lights out as the Bucks did, but both of these teams are capable of scoring 115 points and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a final score in the 120-115 range, easily combining for 230 points.


5 Point Teaser: Nets-4.5 & Clippers-1.5 (+100)

I like both of these teams to win. Sure, Clippers were bad Game 1, but I do think they bounce back and win today because they have to. They can’t go down 0-2 to the Mavericks and then be going back to Dallas. I like the Nets as a lot of the world does, but the 9.5 points is a little much. The Celtics are capable of keeping this game close, but I think in the end the Nets win and it isn’t asking for much that they win by 5.

Basically in a teaser, we are just asking for Vegas to do their job right. They are usually dead on with some of these spreads, so we take a couple points each direction and cash a +100 winner.



MLB Run Lines, Over/Under’s, NRFIs:

Here is today’s slate. For full analysis, check out our full video on our YouTube channel:



Rays RL -1.5 (+112) vs. Royals

Indians ML (-142) vs. Tigers

Giants F5 RL -0.5 vs. Diamondbacks

Boston TT Over 4 Runs (-124) vs. Braves

Max Scherzer Over 8.5 K’s (-105)

Padres/Brewers NRFI (-155)



Brewers NRFI, Boston TT O4, Indians ML (+401)


Those are my NBA & MLB Best Prop Bets and spreads for Tuesday, May 25th.  Here’s to hoping we bank together. 

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