March 11th:

The NBA Season was suspended on this date one year ago (March 11, 2020).


March 4th:

The Utah Jazz have made more 3 pointers (614) than free throws (608) this season.


March 3rd:

Last night, Immanuel Quickley recorded his 5th 25+ point game this season (the most among rookies).


March 2nd:

Bobby Portis currently leads the league in 3-point percentage at 50.7%. Second place, Joe Harris: 50%.


February 26th:

Last night, for the third time this season, Zion Williamson was blocked 5+ times. No other player has been blocked 5+ times in a game more than once this season.


February 25th:

The Jazz became the first team in league history to make 50 three-pointers over two games. It’s the eleventh time this season that a team has hit 20+ threes in consecutive games. Before this season, it only happened eleven times.


February 24th:

The Nuggets finished with just one turnover last night, which is an NBA record


February 23rd:

Trae Young is the first player in 30 years to average 25+ points and 9+ assists and not make the All-Star Team.


February 22nd:

The Raptors are 16-0 in their last 16 games without Kyle Lowry.


February 21st:

LeBron James is the youngest player to reach every point milestone from 1,000 up to 35,000.


February 20th:

Kyle Lowry is the only active player to rank in the top-3 on his current team’s all-time points, rebounds, and assists lists.


February 19th:

Jamal Murray became the first player in league history to score 50 points without a free throw attempt.


February 18th:

Last season, Carson Wentz became the 4th QB to lead the league in both times sacked and interceptions since 1970. He joined Blake Bortles (2015), Jon Kitna (2007) and Dave Krieg (1995).


February 17th:

The Brooklyn Nets are now 1-106 when trailing by 20 or more points at halftime.


February 16th:

Every NBA team is shooting over 33% from 3 this year. That’s never happened this deep into the season before.


February 15th:

Blake Griffin has not dunked since December 12th, 2019. 444 NBA Players have dunked at least once in a game during that span.


February 14th:

Only 3 rookies have scored 20+ points in 5 games this season: LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and Immanuel Quickley.


February 13th:

Since 2018, Lamar Jackson has 99 rushes of 10+ yards, 42 more than any other QB.


February 12th:

Since being drafted in 2011, JJ Watt has 101 sacks; the 2nd most in the NFL behind Von Miller (106). Watt also has 3 DPOY awards; tied for most all time with Lawrence Taylor and Aaron Donald.


February 11th:

Zach LaVine and Coby White became the first teammates in NBA history to each have 8+ threes in the same game.


February 10th:

Russell Wilson has been sacked 394 times in his 9 year career. For comparison: During Drew Brees’ 15-year tenure with the New Orleans Saints, he was only sacked 328 times.


February 9th:

Stephen Curry leads the league with 117 3-pointers made this year – 29 more than second-place Buddy Hield (88). That’s the same as the gap between Buddy Hield and 24th place (D’Angelo Russell, 59).


February 8th:

Patrick Mahomes ran a total of 497 yards before his passes/sacks in Super Bowl LV. The most by a quarterback in any game this season.


February 7th:

Tom Brady has never led a touchdown drive in the first quarter of a Super Bowl. Zero touchdowns in 9 games.


February 6th:

Zion Williamson reached 1,000 career points in 1,298 minutes (the 2nd fewest ever). Joel Embiid did it fastest in only 1,271 minutes. Third fewest: Boban Marjanovic (1,574 minutes)


February 5th:

Last night, LeBron James recorded his 800th career game with 25+ points (the most ever). For reference, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had 793, Karl Malone 789 and Michael Jordan 769.


February 4th:

Luka Dončić and Draymond Green have the same career 3-point percentage.


February 3rd:

In Super Bowl VIII (1974), Bob Griese set the following Super Bowl Records:

  • Fewest Completions by a Starting QB (6)
  • Fewest Attempts by a Starting QB (7)
  • Fewest Passing Yards In A Win (73)


February 2nd:

In 2020-2021, 36 NBA Players are averaging 20+ PPG, the most ever.

# of Players to Average 20+ PPG in previous years:

2019-20: 27

2018-19: 31

2017-18: 23

2016-17: 31

2015-16: 20

2014-15: 15

2013-14: 19

2012-13: 9

2011-12: 12

2010-11: 19


February 1st:

Since the James Harden trade:

  • Rockets:
    • 6-3 Record
    • Best Defensive Rating in the NBA
  • Nets:
    • 6-3 Record
    • Worst Defensive Rating in the NBA


January 31st:

Matthew Stafford has started 165 games in the NFL. He has been accompanied by a 100-yard rusher in 11 of them.


January 30th:

Last night, Joe Ingles passed John Stockton to become the franchise all-time leader for three-pointers made for the Utah Jazz with 846 3’s. Stockton hit 845 3’s in 1504 games played. Ingles only needed 493 career games to break the record.


January 29th:

Myles Turner has more total blocks (67) & a higher blocks-per-game (4.2) average this season than the Heat, Pelicans and Wizards.


January 28th:

Last night, Bradley Beal became the first player to lose 10 straight 40 point games. He has a career record of 6-19 when he scored 40 points.


January 27th:

This season, Russell Westbrook has scored 163 points on 163 shots.


January 26th:

Kobe Bryant had 25 50 point games in his NBA career. That is the same amount as LeBron James (12), Stephen Curry (7) and Kevin Durant (6) combined.


January 25th:

Tom Brady has a higher chance of making the Super Bowl (47.6%) than Steph Curry’s career 3 point percentage (43.3%).


January 24th:

Tom Brady is 61-9 in games with temperatures below 40 degrees.


January 23rd:

This season’s leaders in points per touch (min. 150 points)

5) Kevin Durant (.44 pts per touch)

4) Terrence Ross (.45)

3) Jordan Clarkson (.45)

2) Bradley Beal (.46)

1) Luguentz Dort (.50)


January 22nd:

Blake Griffin has 0 dunks through 11 games this year! As a Clipper, Blake averaged 2 dunks per game. As a Piston, he has averaged 0.42 dunks per game.


January 21st:

Last night, Clint Capela became the first player with 25+ points, 25+ rebounds and 5+ blocks in a game since Shaquille O’Neal in 2004.


January 20th:

Duncan Robinson had 326 3-pointers in his first 100 NBA games. That’s 76 more than any other player in their first 100 games (Luka Doncic 250).


January 19th:

Duke, UNC and Kentucky are all outside of the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1961.


January 18th:

Tom Brady has beaten 18 different teams in the playoffs. He has 32 career playoff wins, 16 more than the next closest QB.


January 17th:

The Cleveland Browns have not been to a Conference Championship game since 1989.


January 16th:

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 282 missed free throws since the start of the 2019-2020 season (75 games played).

Stephen Curry: 272 missed free throws in his entire career (711 games played).


January 15th:

James Harden has taken 1,943 threes since 2018-19.

Only 155 3PAs have come off a pass (8%).


January 14th:

Bradley Beal scored 349 points through his first 10 games this season. Only James Harden and Michael Jordan have scored more through a player’s first 10 games over the last 50 seasons.


January 13th:

Tom Brady has 9 playoff wins since turning 39 years old.

Drew Brees has 9 career playoff wins.


January 12th:

Alabama was either tied or leading for the final 559 minutes of their season. The last time they trailed in a game was October 17th, 2020 vs. Georgia.


January 11th:

Baker Mayfield is the oldest starting quarterback remaining in the AFC Playoffs.


January 10th:

Prior to today, the Ravens had not come back from a 10 point deficit since 9/18/2016.


January 9th:

Jamal Adams this season:

99 pass rushes

30 pressures

9.5 sacks

He owns the highest pressure rate (30%) and sack rate (10%) in the NFL.


January 8th:

The Baltimore Ravens had the largest point differential in the NFL this year (+165) followed by

the New Orleans Saints (+145) and Green Bay Packers (+140).


January 7th:

Patrick Beverley this season: 6 steals, 34 fouls. 


January 6th:

This year, Aaron Rodgers had more passing touchdowns (48) than the Packers had punts (47).


January 5th:

57 different players had a longer pass completion than Tua Tagovailoa’s longest pass completion this year (35 yards).


January 4th:

Most rush yards this season:

Derrick Henry total (2,027)

Dalvin Cook (1,557)

Jonathan Taylor (1,169)

Aaron Jones (1,104)

Derrick Henry after halftime (1,076)

(via @PaulHembo on Twitter)


January 3rd:

Mike Evans became the first player in NFL history with 7 straight seasons with 1000+ receiving yards to begin his career.


January 2nd:

Notre Dame is now 0-7 in BCS or NY6 bowl games since 1998. They have lost by a combined 161 points, with all 7 losses by 14+ points each.


January 1st:

JaVale McGee has made more three pointers this year (3) than Luka Doncic (2). Luka is shooting just 9.5% from 3 (or 2/21).


December 31st:

The Orlando Magic are the only remaining undefeated team in the NBA at 4-0.


December 30th:

Nikola Jokic is averaging 13.5 assists per game. That would be the most by a center since Wilt Chamberlain in 1967-68 when he averaged 8.6 assists per game.


December 29th:

Despite his career averages of 27 pts. 7 rebs. and 7 ast. per game, LeBron James has never recorded exactly 27, 7 and 7 in a single game in his NBA career (1269 games played).


December 28th:

In Week 16, Davante Adams became the 7th player in NFL history to have 17+ receiving touchdowns and 1300+ receiving yards in a single season.


December 27th:

Tom Brady in his last 4 quarters of football: 668 passing yards, 6 touchdowns.


December 26th:

The Warriors’ -65 point differential through 2 games is 2nd worst in NBA history, only behind the 1987-88 Clippers (-71)


December 25th:

NBA All Time Leading Scorers on Christmas Day:

Kobe Bryant (395)

Oscar Robertson (377)

LeBron James (361)

LeBron needs 35 PTS today to break the record.


December 24th:

LaMelo Ball is the first Top-3 pick to score 0 points in his NBA debut since Otto Porter Jr. (2013).


December 23rd:

Most 1st downs in Weeks 14-15 (passing + rushing):

Baker Mayfield (37)

Jalen Hurts (36)

Patrick Mahomes (36)

Kyler Murray (36)

Josh Allen (35)


December 22nd:

The Steelers started 11-0 and have now lost 3 straight. They are the first team to do that since the Los Angeles Rams in 1969.


December 21st:

Rudy Gobert was the 73rd leading scorer in the NBA last year. Now, he is the 3rd highest paid player in the league.


December 20th:

On this date in 2005, Kobe Bryant became the first player to outscore his opponent through 3 quarters in the shot clock era. He scored 62 points, the Mavericks scored 61.


December 19th:

Davante Adams set the Packers franchise record this year with a touchdown in 8 straight games (and counting).


December 18th:

This season, Jamal Adams broke the single season record for sacks by a defensive back. He currently has 8.5 sacks and counting.


December 17th:

Derrick Henry needs to average 156 rushing yards per game to hit 2,000 on the season. He would become the 8th RB in NFL History to hit that mark, the first since Adrian Peterson in 2012.


December 16th:

Haason Reddick recorded 5 sacks in Week 14 against the Giants. That is the most sacks recorded by one player since Adrian Clayborn recorded 6 sacks back in 2017.


December 15th:

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s scoring average has increased in each of his 7 NBA seasons. To keep the streak alive, Giannis must average at least 29.6 points per game next season.


December 14th:

Doug Pederson (Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles) is now 11-2 without Carson Wentz as his starting QB.


December 13th:

The Saints had not allowed a 100 yard rusher in 56 straight games. Today, they allowed two 100 yard rushers: Miles Sanders and Jalen Hurts.


December 12th:

The Steelers have not finished the season with a losing record since 2003.


December 11th:

Despite missing 4 games, Nick Chubb still leads the league with 11 carries of 20+ yards. Next closest, Derrick Henry with 8. Chubb also is 1st in yards per carry amongst all running backs, and he averages the 3rd most rushing yards per game behind only Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook.


December 10th:

Travis Kelce is 264 yards away from breaking the single season record for receiving yards by a tight end set by George Kittle in 2018 with 1377 yards. At his current pace, Kelce will end with nearly 1500 yards! (1485 to be exact!)


December 9th:

Russell Wilson in 2020:

First 5 games: 5-0 record, 19 TDs, 3 INTs, 0 fumbles lost

Last 7 games: 3-4 record, 13 TDs, 8 INTs, 4 fumbles lost


December 8th: 

The Philadelphia Eagles score points on 28.8% of their drives, the second lowest in the NFL (the Jets are #1).

Additionally, the Eagles turn the ball over on 15.8% of their drives, the third highest in the NFL (the Jets and Broncos are #1  & #2).


December 7th: 

The New York Jets have not had a 300 yard passer since Week 12, 2019. Stat of the Day.


December 6th:

Patrick Mahomes has the highest career passer rating of all time by a huge margin.

110.7 —Mahomes

103.6 — Deshaun Watson

103.3 — Aaron Rodgers

102.1 — Russell Wilson


December 5th:

Carson Wentz has been sacked 46 times this season. He’s on pace to be sacked 67 times, which would be the most in a season since David Carr in 2005.


December 4th:

Anthony Davis has the third highest player efficiency rating (PER, 27.42) in NBA history. He trails only Michael Jordan (27.91) and LeBron James (27.49).


December 3rd:

The 8-3 Cleveland Browns have a worse point differential (-21) than the 4-7 Washington Football Team (-2) and the 4-8 Carolina Panthers (-20).


December 2nd:

During Lamar Jackson’s 2019 MVP Season, he threw for 3+ touchdowns in 8 games. This season, through 10 games, he has thrown for 3+ touchdowns in just one game, Week 1 against the Cleveland Browns.


December 1st:

First Stat of the Day. The 0-9 Jets average margin of defeat is 16.3 points per game. During their 0-16 season in 2008, the Detroit Lions average margin of defeat was 15.6 points.

Stat of the Day